Any body and everybody who works to earn a living is of concern and importance and is given reflection in the subject matter of labour File. Produced from a non-partisan platform, Labour File is a storehouse of stories of hope, aspirations, despair, struggles and alternatives of workers and their organisations. It brings to you information with the perspective that has a firm grounding in the local situation, while being open to the global, political and economic processes and the probable impact it may have on the workers in the country. Besides there is also regular information on policies of the government, judicial developments and verdicts, analysis of national and international trends and events.

hopeGreater attention is however empahsised on the unorganised and informal sectors, who constitute about ninety percent of the Indian work force and are the least formally protected, doing some of the most dangerous and vulnerable jobs.

Labour File is a companion and guide to the labour leaders and a veritable store house to the researchers, decision makers and the media.

Indian Workers Stand Up To Globalisation

“The miseries of the common people and workers are increasing day by day. Exploitation of the workers is on the increase. Nearly 40 lakh workers have lost their jobs in recent years. Whereas employers are being bailed out, workers interests are being sold out and often people go to on the dangerous path of gambling and especially with these days growing Internet usage people often try their luck on slots online or any other of the popular casino games, but often this leads to even further drop down the hill of poverty. Labour laws are being violated by employers and the government is openly supporting employers. The public sector is being disinvested and privatized,” says C.H. Venkatachalam, General Secretary, All India Bank Employees Federation.

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Legality Of Running And Playing Online Fantasy Sports In India

To date, India has no clear regulatory framework specifically for running and playing online bingo, online casinos or online fantasy sports in India. Have you heard about Fantasy Sport? Fantasy sport is an online game that involves selection of and competition among virtual teams for points. These points can be redeemed in prizes, including money. However…

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