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In Defense of the Rights of Domestic Workers
In Defense of the Rights of Domestic Workers
The double discussion mandated for setting standards for domestic work is driven more by the fluidity of the issue and the indecisiveness on the part...
Anecdotes from the Life of Domestic Workers in Delhi and In Defense of Sumari's Rights
“A domestic animal is one, such as a dog or cat, that is sufficiently tamed to live with a family or one, that can be used to contribute to a family's support,”
Domestic Child Labour: The Dirty Secret of the Rising Middle Class
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) will soon be celebrating its twentieth year of formulation. The Convention grants to all children (defined as persons up to 18 years of age) the rights to survival, development, protection and participation, and places on signatory governments the responsibility of ensuring the same on a priority basis.
Struggle Notes
Meru Cab Strike
Around 1,100 Meru cabs stayed off the roads in Delhi on 7 April 2010 to protest against the business models being followed by the operators....

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From the Fields
Recognise Domestic Work as Work
Sr. Jeanne Devos, who spearheaded the National Domestic Workers' Movement (NDWM) based in Mumbai, gives her views on the significance of the movement toward an ILO Convention on domestic workers....

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Labour in Those Years
ILO: Nine Decades of Labour for Labour
The initial four months of 1919 are significant in international working class history in which the Constitution of the world's most prominent organisation for labour, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), was written by the Commission on International Labour Legislation constituted by the Treaty of Versailles....

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The Missing Right - The right to social security
A ‘rights-based’ twist is what Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance, giv...
Turning Old: A Domestic Workers’ Nightmare
Tithli Ben migrated to Delhi in 1969 at the age of 19 after marriage to Dumru Bhai, a mechanic worki...
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